Monday, 16 April 2012

Adeptus Titanicus: Gettin' Crunchy

A brief synopsis: The plan is to build a giant robot game like Adeptus Titanicus in which the players attempt to out-strategize each other, choosing trade-offs in battlefield, robots, crew experience and skills, and so on. In particular the notion is to have the structure of the game driven by decks of cards, with the outcomes of those cards dictated by the positions and states of models on a board.

Where am I now? The notion of the game is to have each player with a hands of cards for each Titan they control, with each card representing an action performed by their Titan's crew. Both players put a card face down for an event and reveal the cards once both cards are in play. After the cards are revealed, then the player with the initiative may choose to actualize the event, or try another possible event. In trying for another potential event, both players repeat the process. In the event that the player with the initiative refuses to actualize the event or try for another potential, then the opponent gets to choose a possible event already in play to actualize, and becomes the players with the initiative.

This means that there needs to be a 'null' option for a player to play in the event of not being able to engage in any other actions, as well as an option for being unwilling. A turn, therefore, would be defined by generating action cards, playing action cards into potential events, actualizing events (resolving actions), and trading initiative.

Turn Sequence:
1. Generate action cards for each Titan.
2. Players generate a potential event by playing an action card for each Titan in play
3. The player with the initiative chooses to either actualize one of the potential events in step 4, return to step 2, or gives the initiative to another player, putting them at step 3.
5. One potential event actualizes; players resolve actions of one potential event.
6. All action cards in play, potential and actualized, are discarded.
7. Players turn to step 2 if any Titan still has non-null action cards in hand. Otherwise return to step 1.

Some notes:

In generating action cards for each Titan, I think that the players need to equalize each Titan's deck of cards with null-cards, basically something to show that a Titan either can't or won't do anything during that event. Action cards are also generated by things like guns prepared to shoot, power routed to motivation, and so on. These would include things beyond moving and shooting, and include actions required for other actions to be generated, or actualized.

A Titan won't always be able to engage in all actions that it could possibly engage in. I had thought of maybe having actions generated be a function of the Titan's commander, with Giving Orders being a kind of executive function action so that Giving Orders would always be an action generated by Giving Orders as well as whatever else the Titan needed.

An area of theoretical discontent is where the initiative gets handed over. It gives the player with the initiative the option to eat a shit sandwich to retain the intiative, or simply be a dick, hemming and hawing about actualizing a potential. I'm currently trying to think of a simple decision procedure for players so that they can't try take-backs or some other bullshit. Plus I don't like the idea of players having a null option so that they can just clear the board of their bad decisions if neither of them like the options they've given themselves.

Anyhow, me thinking out loud.

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