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Adeptus Titanicus: Strategy Cards

Part of the design of Adeptus Titanicus is making the crew of the Titan, or other giant robot, a resource which must be properly applied. To that end each player has a Strategy deck, composed of cards including Tactics. Tactics are things that the Titan crew can do to address their own Titan, enemy Titans, and so on. Tactics have (1) conditions that are required for them to be played, (2) costs paid in dice, and (3) effects that for having been played.

Conditions include things like the effects of other tactics, available crew members, and so on. Costs paid in dice reflect both failure, and thereby the opportunity for more dice, and success. Effects reflect the level of success purchased. A note on crew members: A Captain can be a condition for any tactics requiring crewmen or officers. Officers can be a condition for any tactics requiring crewmen. The Captain is hence the most valuable member of the Titan's crew.

Each type of crew, ranging from the Captain, to the Officers, to the Crewmen, is also a discard pile with a distinct limit: once that limit has been reached, then a Link Crew card must be played on the crew's Captain to both restore tactics to a player's Strategy, and free up crew members as conditions for tactics to be played. Furthermore some tactics continue to affect play, and a player may continue to spend dice on them.

For example, a player may play a 1/2 Stride card on her Moderati (Officer), meaning that her Warlord Titan will move 2" that turn where she also spends a 2+ dice. The Moderati will continue to move the Titan at 1/2 Stride until a Link Crew card recovers the tactic to the player's hand, and the player will have to either spend dice for the Titan to move, or spend dice to generate more dice.

Tactics include:

Link Crew
Conditions: Captain, Cost: 1+, Effects: The player draws that number of Strategy cards from the discard piles.
Damage Control
Conditions: Crewman, Cost: 2+/4+/6, Effects: The player reduces that amount of structural damage to her Titan.
Charge Shields
Conditions: Officer, Cost: 1+, Effects: The player adds one point to one shield's Coherence on one facing of her Titan.

Conditions: Officer, 1/4 Stride, Cost: 2+, Effects: The Titan becomes Stationary.
1/4 Stride
Conditions: Officer, Halt, 1/2 Stride, Reverse, Cost: 2+, Effects: The Titan moves 1/4 Stride in its course direction.
1/2 Stride
Conditions: Officer: 1/4 Stride, 3/4 Stride, Cost: 2+, Effects: The Titan moves 1/2 Stride in its course direction.
3/4 Stride
Conditions: Officer: 1/2 Stride, Full Stride, Cost: 3+, Effects: The Titan moves 3/4 Stride in its course direction.
Full Stride
Conditions: Officer: 3/4 Stride, Cost: 4+, Effects: The Titan moves Full Stride in its course direction.
Conditions: Officer: 1/2 Stride, 1/4 Stride, Cost: 2+, Effects: The Titan changes its course direction by up to 90
Conditions: Officer, Halt, Cost: 3+, Effects: The Titan may engage in 1/4 Stride or 1/2 Stride backwards.
Conditions: Officer, Halt, Cost: 2+, Effects: The Titan counts its Armour and Coherence one point higher until it engages in 1/4 Stride, or Reverses.

Acquire Target
Conditions: Officer, Undamaged Weapon, Cost: See Weapon Range, Effects: The player may move one weapon's target reticule.
Arm Weapon
Conditions: Crewman, Undamaged Weapon, Cost: See Weapon's Ammunition/Capacitors, Effects: One weapon is armed.
Fire Weapon
Conditions: Crewman, Undamaged Weapon, Armed Weapon, Cost: See Firing Weapons, Effects: See Firing Weapons

Firing Weapons
In Adeptus Titanicus firing a weapon is ideally the last action in a sequence of tactics involving acquiring a target, arming a weapon, and then executing a fire mission. However, players may find it useful to fire weapons in order to 'bank' dice for later, use the opportunity to fire on new target wandering into the danger zone, or simply continue to unload a weapon's magazine until it is out of ammunition or its capacitors are exhausted.

To Fire a Weapon
1. Note the location of the weapon's target reticule.
2. Choose a dice from the Titan's dice pool.
3. Determine if the dice successfully affects anything centered under the target reticule. If the dice is a failure, roll it and place the result in the Titan's dice pool. If the dice is a success, then calculate its degree of success and remove that much structural damage from the target.

All Titans, and terrain models, have a Structure, and models reduced to zero structure are considered destroyed. Destroyed models are removed from the board, and replaced with appropriate models - buildings are replaced by rubble, rubble is replaced by craters, craters are irradiated, etc. However, while damage from weapons fire, amok Titans, and so on will eventually destroy a model, the concurrent effects of damage may put a Titan out of action sooner; its crew is killed, its weapons are disabled, its reactor goes critical, or its ammunition explodes. Conversely a Titan's shields lose points of Coherence when they sustain damage, and little else.

Edit: Okay, gone back and re-written all of this material. Leaving it up for the sake of charting development, and version control.

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