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Adeptus Titanicus: The Titans

Titans have a Pattern, a Class, and something of a more general role-signifier. So a Titan can be a Lucius-Pattern (manufactured on the Forge World of Lucius), Warlord-Class Battle Titan. There are Imperator and Warmonger classes of Emperor Titan, Warlord and Reaver classes of Battle Titan, and so far the Warhound class of Scout Titan. Then there are the various Eldar, Ork, and other Titan-equivalents.

As before, the Titans have the following systems, plus weapon-systems added in a modular fashion:

Weapons (auto-loaders, actual weapons, magazines, etc)
Gressorial (drive-train, legs, reactor, etc)
Void Shield Generators (capacitors, generators, projectors, etc)
Auspex (sensor suite, fire control, etc)
Damage Control (back-ups, internal bulk-heads, bracing, etc)
Crew (Princeps, Moderati, Magos, Servitors, etc)

These systems should each have their own Armour, as well as a performance envelope denoting the minimum buy-in for an associated action, and any bonus performance buy-in. In fact, they will have three 'steps' wherein the Armour, Minimum Cost, and Bonus Cost changes as the system itself takes damage. Also a facing: No point in trying to shoot a Titan's Auspex system from the rear if that system can't be targeted from the Titan's rear arc.

Oh, and Titans have Arcs. Offhand I want to see how they will work with six arcs, with each arc having sixty degrees. These arcs define incoming fire and outgoing fire. Weapons should also have arcs to go with their munitions, range, power, and rate of fire. Shields Generators should also have an arc in where undamaged shields are raised, and to which damaged shields must be oriented prior to repair (being raised again). These arcs will also define movement, so that a Titan can Come About a certain number of arcs depending on its damage state, and its ability to meet the cost of cards.

I think the crew should define the number of cards in a hand, as well as being necessary to activating Narrative-type actions like Damage Control, Tactical Insight, and Strategic Insight. Actually no, that might be overkill, but the number and type of crew still alive should define the cost of these actions.


Weapon Characteristics: Arc, Munition (Cost to Fire), Range (+bonus), Power (+bonus), Rate of Fire (+bonus). Light and Heavy damage will add to the costs for firing and any bonuses to range, power, and rate of fire.

Gressorial Characteristics: Acceleration (Cost to Stride), Top Speed, Agility (Cost to Turn x number of arcs), Stability (Cost to Halt), and Traction (Additional cost of difficult terrain, etc).

Void Shield Characteristics: Arc, Power (cost to raise, reorient, and extend), Tuning (cost to run silent)

Auspex Characteristics: Range (+bonus), Acuity (Cost to acquire target), Gain (bonus to hit target)

Crew: Expertise (cost for Damage Control), Alertness (bonus to Damage Control), Training (cost and bonus for Tactical Insight), and Experience (cost and bonus for Strategic Insight).

A Warlord Titan may, for example, have:

Weapons Systems
Gatling Blaster (Arc: Front, Left-Front, Right-Front, Right-Flank, Armour: 2)
Volcano Cannon (Arc: Front, Left-Front, Right-Front, Left-Flank, Armour: 2)
Turbo-Laser Battery L(Arc: Front, Left-Front, Right-Front, Armour: 3)
Turbo-Laser Battery R (Arc: Front, Left-Front, Right-Front, Armour: 3)

Void Shields
Void Shield Generator 1 (Arc: Front, Armour: 2, Power: 1, +1 Armour per +1 card, Tuning: 3)
Void Shield Generator 2 (Arc: Left-Front, Armour 2, Power: 1, +1 Armour per +1 card, Tuning: 3)
Void Shield Generator 3 (Arc: Right-Front, Armour 2, Power: 1, +1 Armour per +1 card, Tuning: 3)
Void Shield Generator 4 (Arc: Left-Flank, Armour 2, Power: 1, +1 Armour per +1 card, Tuning: 3)
Void Shield Generator 5 (Arc: Right-Flank, Armour 2, Power: 1, +1 Armour per +1 card, Tuning: 3)
Void Shield Generator 6 (Arc: Aft, Armour 2, Power: 1, +1 Armour per +1 card, Tuning: 3)

Gressorial Systems
Reactor (Arc: Front, Aft, Armour: 4, Acceleration: 2" per card, Top Speed 6" per turn)
Drive Train (Arc: All Around, Armour: 4, Agility: 2)
Stabilizers (Arc: All Around, Armour: 3, Stability: 1, Traction: +2 per difficulty level)

Auspex Systems
Active (Arc: All Around, Armour: 3, Range: 12" +12" per extra card, Acuity: 1, Gain: +1 per card)
Passive (Arc: All Around, Armour: 3, Range 24" +12" per extra card, Acuity: 2, Gain: +1 per 2 cards)

Princeps (Arc: Front, Armour: 3, Expertise: 3, Alertness: N/A, Training: 1, Experience: 1)
Moderati (Arc: Front, Armour: 3, Expertise: 2, Alertness: +1 per card, Training: 2, Experience: 2)
Steersman (Arc: Front, Armour: 3, Expertise: 3, Alertness: +1 per 2 cards, Training: 2, Experience: 2)
Magos (Arc: Aft, Armour: 4, Expertise: 1, Alertness: +2 per card, Training: 3, Experience: 3)
Enginseer (Arc: Aft: 4, Expertise: 1, Alertness: +1 per card, Training: 2, Experience: 3)

The Servitors under the control of various sentient crew count towards their capabilities and ability to sustain damage that would otherwise vaporize a mere human. This simulates the events of the Titan comic when the Titan constantly loses exactly three Servitors per hit...

These would all be undamaged states. There would also be Light Damage and Heavy Damage states. Destroyed systems cannot be used or targeted. I should probably draw up independent states for the weapons, since they have modular profiles. In terms of a record sheet, I think that I would want to draw these up using a cute Titan-shaped diagram with little boxes and whatnot for tracking damage, shield orientation and extension, and so on. I'd prefer to design some models that allow for damage to be tracked by swapping out parts and so on, but I want to make sure that the game operates before fiddling with the user-interface (and the parts that can be copyrighted!). 

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