Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Titanomachia: Fun with Failure, Targeting Terrain

I've spent quite some time defining what a successful action in Titanomachia might be, and what sort of bonuses a player might also buy. But what about an unsuccessful or failed action? Aside from the motivation to have an action succeed, the carrot, I think it would be useful to examine the consequences of failure, the motivation to avoid it, and the stick.

Because, and let's consider this seriously, there is an opportunity cost to failure. However, there is also an opportunity cost to not having an optimal action card in hand to play, or not having sufficient cards in hand to buy success. Conversely, players can dump sub-optimal action cards in order to run out the clock, because they have to play an Action card regardless of whether it succeeds or fails. And failure must be contextual in some cases: In the case of movement, failure is the failure to escape getting bogged down in terrain, or running into a building, or stomping off the board when it's not an Objective card in play, or simply not turning enough to shake a pursuer.

I think , in a sense, there needs to be a consideration of symmetry, since the symmetry in some actions is represented by the vector and 'speed' of models on the board, and between decks of cards, and their states. Failure to raise shields, for example, does what? Well, no shield, and that's a cost in opportunity, time, and possibly the game. Ditto for extending or reorienting shields. It's bad enough that players have to pay to accomplish these things. Why make it worse?

There's also the fact that the Action cards have been set up so that even a card primed for failure has a purpose in inflating the basic cost of the opposing action.

Yet in the case of Attack actions (and kicking and dodging) I feel that there should be a mechanism by which attacks can cause collateral damage, waste ammunition, and so on, as well as waste time, and interfere with an opponent.

The failure to acquire a target is established, in the sense that if the Titan's Sensor Gain is not enough, then either the player needs to pay to make it greater than the proposed target's Signature, or the proposed target does not become a target, and the proposed target might be lost if its modified Signature becomes equal or greater than the Titan's Sensor Gain due to interference from battlefield conditions, intervening terrain, or damage to sensors, or even some action/system that increases its Signature.

The failure to arm a weapon is not well established, and it's currently just a loss of weapon capability where a weapon requires Rate of Fire to be fired. There's the opportunity cost, and Incidentally, it occurred to me that Weapon Systems should share a damage track in that their Armour goes down, and the cost of using them in Attack actions goes up, rather than screwing around with the various Power, Rate of Fire, Area of Effect and so on that constitutes each Weapon System's profile.

The failure to fire a weapon should, I think, involve some sort of loss of available Rate of Fire, since players have the option of using some or all of their available Rate of Fire. Now that I think of it, it's a good idea to define available Rate of Fire as being the number of attacks that a weapon can make given the Arm Weapon actions it has made, with a Weapon System's Rate of Fire being a limit on its available Rate of Fire. The Arm Weapon action increases a Weapon System's available Rate of Fire by the Weapon System's Munition rating. And some Weapon Systems require multiple Arm Weapon actions in order to have an available Rate of Fire of one. It might be something to add this as an optional rule, now that I think about it.

But I definitely want players to be able to target terrain, with terrain having a Signature, and being able to inflict damage on that terrain like it would on a Titan's Systems, so terrain would have an Armour rating and it will be sufficiently high so that only certain weapons could smash buildings. Also, destroyed terrain would convert, so buildings to ruins, and ruins to rough ground. Terrain will also have a Traction rating, so that it will slow down Titans moving throw it where it is sufficiently high, and something to add to the Signature of Titans inside or behind it, as well as a Signature of their own.

In theory I wanted people to be able to miss and take out terrain, but the question is how?  

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