Friday, 16 August 2013

Titanomachia: World-Building

The Titanes have guided Humanity from its beginnings on Gaea, and raised Us up against Erebus and Tartaros. In doing so the Titanes have pitched themselves into battle against the Hekatonkheires, the Gigantes, the Olympians, and even against themselves. Vast cyborg war machines, they walk the galaxy as avatars on the planets bestrode by Humanity. Each  is a city-crushing juggernaut can be better likened to a walking battleship, not merely in size, but in function. Designed to survive the most hostile of environs, from deep space to deep ocean, Titanes are armed primarily with anti-shipping weapons, although they frequently mount auxiliary point-defense weapons in addition to a network of sophisticated gravitics, suspensors, and thrusters for orientation and balance. Despite the ability to simply walk up into the air as gravitically-active plating in the Titanes' gressel systems adjusts the Titane's distribution of mass and its distance from the centre of gravitic mass, Titanes are exposed when entering or leaving gravity wells, and can traverse virtually any terrain as a result of the Titane literally walking on the gravity well of a planet as well as contacting the ground with its feet; distributing an impossible weight over a tiny area. Titanes defy the impossible nature of their construction through the most advance sciences given to Ancient Humanity by the Titanes, and stolen from the Olympians.

Ultimately beneficent, the Titanes demand only that they be awakened into the Eye of Ouranos in order to safeguard Humanity against their enemies in Heaven. And in a galaxy like the Eye of Ouranos, where ancient civilizations inimical to Humanity thrive under the tutelage of the monstrous Gigantes, and the terrifying Hekatonkheires, a civilization needs a sponsor. Humanity has several, from the Olympians who incept the womb of Humanity with the demi-god Ishtari, to the Kyklops to whom the Olympians themselves owe their divine lineage. The Kyklops had seen Humanity in the vast, sleeping Titanes, and cast their image upon the waters of Gaea. When Humanity arose from apes, it did so under the auspices of the Titanes until the Olympians awakened within Humanity, and went to war against them. Attacked by the Olympians within and the Kyklops without, the Titanes were at the mercy of the Hekatonkheires when those first questing tentacles lowered themselves into Reality. These vast, plantary-scope extradimensional organisms graze on planets like a snail, scraping off even top-soil with radula toothed like a mountain range. Tentacles slowly turn towards the four dimensions of space and time, and reach inward from regions beyond time and space to grip the planet firmly by the mantle before devouring it. At first it's the mere-est cilia, sensory fronds meter meters in diameter and armed with a complex array of suckers, fangs, and sensory organs. Without sufficient and escalating opposition, the tentacles trunch and thicken into distant and farflung dimensions, drawing the Hekatonkheire itself out of its dank, dimensional shell and into contact with a planet whose surface is pierced by continental columns of fibrous muscle.

Many Titanes were dragged down into Tartaros by the Hekatonkheires, as the remainder sued for peace with the Olympians and Kyklops, and driving the Hekatonkheires back into Tartaros, the dark and lightless spaces beyond space from which their blind, groping tentacles flail out in hope of filtering prey from the Eye of Ouranos. The remaining Titanes had protected Humanity from the tumult of the war, but after respite from their erstwhile allies, the Titanes stole Science from the Olympians and the Kyklops, and with it how to channel the fury of a god through an idol of metal and fire. United in the defense of Humanity the Olympians, the Kyklops, the Titanes and Humanity itself struggle against an uncaring, and even hostile universe, against the enemies without, within, and beyond.

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