Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Titanomachia: Why We Fight

Right now I'm in the middle of trying to hash out some art direction and design to hit what I think is an under-served sweet-spot in the the giant x genre (x = monster/robot/whatever). But in trying to hash it out I went back to the background I've put in and I've realised that I need to get back on top of making terrain interesting. After all, in the bright new dawn is lit by the clash of gods, and what they're clashing over are the cities and life of this new world. Where two cities start brushing up against each other, and conflict breaks out, their Titans stride out to establish boundaries, and raze the competing city limits to the ground.

So here's some ideas for terrain:

Communications Hub: Titans in adjacent squares of the board may discard an additional card without moving the turn track along.

Power Station: Titans in adjacent squares of the board reduce the Charge value of cards played as actions, reactions, or combos by 1 to a minimum of 1.

Shield Dome: Titans and Terrain in adjacent squares of the board get two shield markers. Titans may place them anywhere on their System Diagram when they enter the adjacent square, but the markers do not travel with the Titan into a new square should it move.

Habitat: Friendly Titans score the victory points of this terrain as [cost] points instead of just 1pt.

Repair Bay: Friendly  Titans in adjacent squares of the board may add this terrain's size value to any Damage Control actions.

Emergency Services: Friendly Titans in adjacent squares of the board may activate Crew systems that have suffered Heavy Damage to direct Damage Control at that Crew System.

Roads: Size 0 terrain is back in the game, but relatively expensive and not required. Titans can move over Size 0 terrain.

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