Friday, 8 December 2017

Titanomachia: Faction, or Personality?

I've noticed that if I trim the number of cards required for a basic Titanomachia to two Reaper class Titans (need to come up with something better than Raptor, Reaper, and Regent...) then I have four un-allocated cards in a standard 52-card deck. Why a standard 52-card deck? Because then I can take advantage of manufacturing being geared towards that number. And four personalities for players to mix into their Titan decks seems fun.

Now, I don't think of personalities as systems, as enabling some action outside of the current framework, but as something that should enable players to leverage actions, combos, and reactions. Which means that each faction could, in theory, be sketched by how a particular action, combo, or reaction can be enhanced. I would like to take something of a feminine tone, but that really risks either being sexist and exploitative, which I don't want.

But the number four fits nicely with the scoring system based on terrain and systems:

Pugnacious: This Titan likes to fight, and so scores an extra point for each enemy system it destroys (usually you score the value of the system).

Rapacious: This Titan is cruel, and so scores an extra point for each piece of enemy Terrain that it destroys.

Sagacious: This Titan is wise, understanding that it needs to fight again another day, and so scores a point for each system it has that survives the battle.

Gracious: This Titan understands its duty to its city, and so scores an extra point for each piece of friendly Terrain that survives the battle.

The latest, ticking along nicely:

Titanomachia BETA 5
Titanomachia BETA 5 Cards

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