Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Titanomachia: First Printing

Here we go, the first printing of the Rhea:

Fresh off the printer

Left, 3/4.

Right, 3/4
Notably, for those of you up to date on the latest rules (BETA 5), she's armed with a Missile Pod, Macro Gun, and Claw. Yes, the head is a turreted missile launcher! It's not detachable yet, but the arm weapons are. I need to design and print nine more (Vulcan Mega-Gun, Gun Battery, Buzzsaw, Laser Battery, Macro Laser, Laser Blade, Plasma Shotgun, Plasma Howitzer, Fusion Gun), and see about giving her a detachable head/turret.

She's done with 0.02mm definition, and still has a mess of printing scaffold obscuring detail on her back and gumming up her joints, but she's real and magnificent!

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