Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Titanomachia: Modular Building Printout!

Alright, got the first rough print of the buildings back from the printer, and did a little quick & dirty work to fit them together.

Interesting note about printing 'solid' objects with some 3D printers - the person printing needs to select the kind of fill and supporting scaffolding structure that the printer will use to fill in the object underneath its putative skin, and support parts that overlap its base on the Y-axis. All the things we don't see unless we're in the middle of making the sausage eh?

It's worth mentioning this because the intention is that both the robots, the Titans, and the buildings, the Terrain, should be modular. The top of the building in particular is intended to be replaced by tops that signify the building's function in the more advanced rules. In the basic rules though, buildings do just two things, block movement and lines of sight. Buildings also come in three different sizes, and may be reduced from large to medium, and medium to small, as they suffer heavy damage. Small buildings are destroyed by heavy damage. So this shift is accomplished by removing a section. Additionally, making modular buildings means that we can expand the range of terrain available to players with the basic box set, and make it easier to furnish them with extra terrain should they wish some, or combine boxes.

And, of course, there's the Rhea for a size comparison because she's a Size 4 Titan and the building with a base, two middle sections, and a top is a Size 4 Medium Building. In terms of corners to cut, I'd say that losing the base is probably the easiest thing to do, with the top-piece coming next, but I feel like there's opportunities for interesting stuff with both.


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