Friday, 12 January 2018

Titanomachia: Turrets and Guns!

Astute followers and fans may have noticed that the Rhea's appearance did not map perfectly onto the description of a Reaper Titan in the rules. In particular, she lacked a turret, and while I felt that it might be an idea to replace her head with weapons, I just couldn't. So I got her both a turret, properly limb-like, to both support and direct her third weapon, and I invested in the armament of the Tethys, namely a Buzzsaw, a Plasma Shotgun, and a Gun Battery.
Eventually I plan on going back and updating the Macro Gun to be more like the Gun Battery, and perhaps adjusting the claw so it's less of a hand and more of whatever it is the original Omega Supreme had on the end of his arm, because CLAW! Also to make it less sinister/left-handed.

I'm rather enamoured of how the Plasma Shotgun worked out, particularly the toroidal magazine.

Of course upon doing that I realized that, given the configuration of the Rhea, I should probably swap the Plasma Blastgun with the Gun Battery. The Plasma Blastgun is pretty slow-firing, even paired with a Plasma Capacitor to speed up charging, and the point of a turret-mounted weapon is to be able to engage the enemy if they can get behind you. While a Gun Battery isn't as rapid-firing as a Missile Pod, it is when a Plasma Capacitor is used, and it hits considerably harder, able to put 3D6 on Armour 1 systems like Sensors, and 2D6 on Armour 2 systems like Shields.

Aesthetically, one feels that the big boom guns should be mounted on the arms, whereas the supporting weapons like missile pods and gun batteries should be mounted on or over the shoulder. Of course the goal is that players will be able to mix it up, but for demo-game purposes it's a nice impression.

Speaking of nice impression, check out this turret armature:

Oh, and work proceeds on the rules, although right now it's a matter of attempting to make them readable, usable, and succinct. The writer's trifecta of on time, on budget, and on spec.

Titanomachia BETA 6
Titanomachia Cards BETA 6

Edit: Added a link to the latest version of the cards. Actually the same as BETA 5, but just so everyone knows what matches what...

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