Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Titanomachia: More Buildings!

I managed to get some terrible images of the building finials that I had made. While the game currently supports a single type of building in three size categories, the design has been to have buildings do more than simply block lines of sight, paths of movement, and score points. In terms of the release my plan is that a set of building tops will be available for players to add to their existing collection of building parts. The Habitat buildings, with a flat roof, is the basic sort of buildings.

Then there's the Factory, the Shield Generator, the Power Station, the Communications Array, and the Hospital. The Factory helps to repair damaged Titans in the midst of combat. The Shield Generator can produce Shield Markers, to protect nearby Titans and Terrain. The Power Station lets a Titan charge its weapons faster. The Communications Array is, perhaps naturally, like an extra set of Sensor systems. The Hospital enables a crew member (system) that's suffered Heavy Damage to engage in Damage Control, essentially healing crew members, of which there will be more than one. Having multiple crew members means that there's more of that feeling of the Titan being a collection of pieces or components, and lets people do fun, crew-like stuff, as well as getting to do more crew-combos like punching, kicking, aiming, swapping out buildings, and so on.

And, notably, I've figured out a way to get those building mid-sections into a state where they can be made with a MUD:

The bits holding the buildings together need some work, but I'm very pleased with it.

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