Monday, 26 February 2018

Titanomachia: Printing a Prototype & Rules Update (BETA 7)

The latest print of the Rhea came in from the PLA (poly-lactic acid) printer. She came in various parts to make her printing smoother, and with a much tighter layering to give her an attractively smooth finish. The tighter laying of filament, however, means that the matrix of supporting material is hard to remove than the previous version. At least this version shows off her turret though!

So I tried a couple of poses to show the cover artist how the Rhea could be posed to show off her more feminine side, using her hip-armour to create the illusion of buttocks, and showing off her prow armour a bit more. Unfortunately her weapons-load was still being worked on, so her arms and turret are bare of the kind of sexy giant Claw, Missile Pod, and Macro Gun that forms her primary armament. So yes, I have found a cover artist and the preliminary sketch he did up was fantastic. That's what's up with the pose, as it's two Reaper Titans, one in the background ambushing the other in the foreground from the flank while the one in the foreground comes about to the left. There's this cool shield effect as the ambushed Titan protects herself with shields over her shield generators.

Aside from printing the Rhea for me, my printing associate also showed me how to make a cheap and cheerful light-box, of the sort he uses to routinely make images for prototype game cards since proto-typing stuff is a hobby of his. Obviously I have yet to build it, but it's next on my list of things to do, especially since the second Rhea (the Tethys) will be printed up soon in lovely contrasting cornflower blue.

Rules Update: 
Titanomachina BETA 8 Rules
Titanomachina BETA 8 Cards

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