Monday, 12 March 2018

Titanomachia: Rules and Cards Update, BETA 8

Okay, so bowing to popular demand of play-testers I've rejigged the game to handle a Titan with multiple Crew systems, now named crew-members. Hopefully so you can get emotionally attached when a particular crew member goes into a limb to kick someone with it and gets crushed to a pulp by an ensuing attack by that limb. There's going to be two crews, each lead by a senior (and highly effective, master) crew member, backed up by a slightly less effective first mate (adherent), and accompanied by two greenhorns (initiates).

Officially we are now at BETA 8, and can expect a rules pamphlet with official art assets in it soon. The plan is a 12 page rules pamphlet done in A4 size, meaning there should be plenty of room for art and so on. In my rough copy available in this post, I've tried to put all the relevant information on single pages, but also tried to make sure the pages themselves are not too crowded with information.

Titanomachina BETA 8 Rules
Titanomachina BETA 8 Cards

Oh, and what's the deal with the Nautilus Gear? Those things are awesome. I'm trying to incorporate them into the game's logo somehow.

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