Thursday, 22 March 2018

Titanomachina: Sub-Projects

Work on the dashboard proceeds. Now we just gotta make it more generic to fit both Titans...

It's interesting how a project can be both broken down into distinct tasks and phases, and how it helps to maintain momentum and use time efficiently by not leaving too many fallow periods in the cycles between kick-off and delivery. My current sub-projects include financing, prototyping, and filming a game-play video. The first is concurrent, somewhat, because although they don't really depend on each other, having the prototype available really helps with the other two. And I need a prototype and a game-play video to help with financing, and a prototype to do a game-play video with, and to send to a critic for perusal.

Currently the prototypes I have are low-rez PLA (poly lactic acid) plastic, which help to demonstrate the features like swap-able weapons, and giant-like bulk. But I need to send something shinier and more like the post-production items I'll be selling to consumers. It was also, interestingly, why it was recommended that I do the 3D design first so that I could use those as models for the 2D artists, so it all looks coherent.

In the meantime though, I'm loving what the PLA models have to offer:

Clearly I need to work on the buildings and the board next! As well, the dashboards, the cards, and the tokens!

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