Monday, 30 April 2018

Titanomachina: The Importance of Being Well Armed

While I've been working on the 2D art assets, getting the cards, the dashboards, the boards, and the punchboard art completed, I've been getting the 3-day are assets printed out for the prototype. The robots were made using Shapeways, and the buildings came from a third party inclined to cut me a deal on printing. 

I've taken to calling the yellow one 'Rhea' after the pugilistic 2nd Queen of Heaven (if you look on there's some neat stuff on there about how Chronos and Rhea won their thrones after Ouranos was overthrown), and the  blue one Tethys because she was a Titan of the sea (Okeanos' wife, I think).  
While not actually one a board with defined 50mm squares, the buildings are 50mm in diameter so you can see how an actual layout of the board might develop. The Titans are 2 squares away from each other, and it looks like the Tethys may have the Rhea dead-to-rights if she can get that Gun Battery mounted on her Turret to swing around in time. Tethys is made to be a brawler, to flail wildly and hit hard, with the Gun Battery to make sure people regret trying to sneak up on her, and to pummel shields so her Plasma Shotgun can land a hit. With an Effect of 4, the Plasma Shotgun is rolling 3D6 against Armour 2, and 2D6 against Armour 3. The only system with Armour 4 is the Claw, and that's mounted on her other arm. At least in this game. Even heavy damage to a shield system can seriously compromise the Rhea's ability to defend herself. 
 One of the features of the game is that all of the systems in a Titan's system diagram are modular, and the weapons on the models are modular as well. Rhea and Tethys share a set of 12 different weapons systems between them, as sisters are sometimes wont to do. The current configurations are the ones recommended in the Quickstart rules on the back of the rulebook. But as players grow accustomed to how the game works, they can then explore different configurations.
 The buildings are likewise modular, coming with 20 generic sections, combining with 8 blue tops and 12 yellow tops. Players buy terrain along with their Titans, Crew and Weapons, defining their battlefield as well as the stakes. That's because these buildings represent victory points if they survive till the end of the game, and offer victory points to the enemy Titan that destroys them. Of course, if a Titan is busy fighting for its immortal life, it may be too busy to level an offending building or two. Titans can also extend their shields around buildings to protect them. 
 With system diagrams shadowing the relative orientation of the board, the angle of an attack matters a lot. Here, the Tethys can only bring her Claw into play if she can activate the Arm (L) it's mounted on, extending its arc 45 more degrees to swipe at the Rhea coming on from the Tethys' starboard bow. Advancing with their left-corner towards their opponent is a good idea with the Rhea and Tethys because that presents a wall of Extra Armour (L) and (C) at the 1-2 and 5-6 positions of their system diagrams, and an equally armoured Arm (L) to an attack, and then use their Arm (R) to fire their heaviest, now most well protected, Weapon system.

In reaction an attack, a Titan with a functioning Limb system in hand, like an Arm, Digitigrade Leg, or even Turret, can come about to present such an optimally defensive side to the enemy, particularly if a Titan is attacked from its relatively less well defended flank and rear of its system diagram.

While the Tethys is a brawler, the Rhea is equipped with precision weapons all with a bonus against terrain, the High Explosive trait, and Plasma Jets. Rather than closing up her plasma system and cycling it back to hot-charge her Plasma Shotgun, the Rhea has hers opened up so that she can jump over Titans and Terrain (buildings). The Rhea also has a bigger collection of terrain, so she needs to be able to keep pressure on the Tethys so that the brawler can't waste time swing at buildings when she needs to be trying to disable her sister's ability to defend those buildings.

Looks like it's time for a little forthright round-table discussion on the proper demarcation of municipal boundaries!

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