Thursday, 12 April 2018

Titanomachina: Printed Prototype Buildings

Lately, amongst other things (like getting registered as a business in NS), I've been getting together a prototype copy to use for the game-play video and for demos. I have the Titans and Weapons all printed up, and I'm just waiting for all the art to be complete. Then I can get a board done and it'll be ready to demo in the sense that I can confidently show it off to people knowing that it'll be what consumers get in their box. In the meantime, however, I'm waiting on a local printer putting together the buildings that'll come with the box. Notably what'll come in the box will be constructed out of four push-fit walls, and what's being printed is going to be a single cubic box, but that's because the mechanics of deposition-printing and plastic molding are very different and what works for one only rarely works for the other. If you're willing to reproduce the design in these two ways, however, I think you can use the first, the printing, as a good judge of the second, the molding.

I've planned for the box to come with 80 plastic walls, making 20 plastic building sections, and 20 plastic building tops colour coded so that 8 match one Titan and 12 match the other. Notably the building sections can be stacked, so players have sufficient quantities of buildings in the board.

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